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Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips On Asian Skintone // Review + Swatches

Hey guys! I am back with another lippie review, and today I will be talking about Colourpop's recent release, the Ultra Blotted Lips! When I first watched their Instastory talking about these liquid lipsticks and how lightweight and nice they are, I was pretty excited. Sometimes matte liquid lipstick tend to feel a little heavy on the lips after a few hours of wear, it flakes off and starts to crumble a little, it ain't cute. Hence, Colourpop's claim on what these new matte lippies do got me super excited and intrigued! 

I got these quite a while back when they were having their free international shipping under $30USD sales, usually is is $50, so I picked up a few items and managed to save a bit of cash. Always look out for new deals on their website especially if you're not from the US! 

On to the formula itself, it is definitely lightweight, transfer-proof and totally matte! It does not feel heavy after a few hours, which is the reason why I love the Ultra Blotted more than the Ultra Matte now. It is really comfortable on the lips, I do not feel tight or restricted while talking and most importantly, I do not feel like I am wearing any liquid lipsticks at all! 

It is 100% transfer-proof and kiss proof, so do not worry about kissing your partner on their cheeks, or if you're a guy and is considering getting your girl these.. Fret not! The Ultra Blotted looks as have matte as the Ultra Matte, there is no shine to them, neither does it look like the Ultra Satin as well. 

However, just one fault that I will point out is, if you do have super chapped lips (and I am saying super chapped! Lips that are hydrated but will get dry after 5 minutes lol) I recommend that you exfoliate and make sure that your lips are hydrated before putting these on. They are not as drying as the Ultra Mattes, but still can dry out your lips especially in places with air-conditioning. 




Doozy and Zuma are pretty similar, they are both warm rosey tones with the exception of Zuma having a more mauve-y tone. Split is a pretty purple berry color that will turn heads to you because it is pretty bright!

What is your favorite color from the Ultra Blotted collection? Let me know in the comment section below! 

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