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The Twelve Cup Cafe // Penang

I recently went to Penang and stumbled across this cafe while I was in a taxi, so I decided to pay a visit when I was free! I was pleasantly surprised at how good the drinks and foods were.
Iced Americano, Tiramisu Crepe Cake, Belgium Chocolate

I don't drink coffee so I did not try the Americano, although according to my boyfriend, he says it is good. I am not sure what kind of beans they used. 

The Tiramisu Crepe Cake is delicious! I love how light and fluffy it is, I could have went for a second serving if I wasn't super full. 

I really enjoyed the Belgium Chocolate drink too, it is one of the very few flavored drinks that I could finish. I always go for water, but since I was feeling adventurous I decided to go for the chocolate. No regrets as on my second visit, I went for the same drink too! 

Soup of the day: Cream of Mushroom
Belgium Chocolate
 I love this mushroom soup as it is not super creamy. I hate it when Cream Of Mushroom tastes nothing like mushroom but just dairy! The presentation is super cute too. The mushrooms are blended really fine so it is super smooth.

Mushroom Aglio Olio with Squid Ink Pasta
This pasta is so good but very spicy! I couldn't finish and thank god my boyfriend loved it so he basically chowed it down!

I actually forgot how much each food item cost individually, however the mushroom soup together with the pasta and the chocolate drinks are only $13sgd! It is so affordable, and if I were to have this exact same meal in Singapore, I would most probably have to pay $20 and above. 

Huge Korean Sheetmasks + Beauty Giveaway!! // Rules

Hello everyone! As I mentioned before, I am going to be doing another giveaway after so long.
Here are most of the items that I will be giving away! I will add in more bits and pieces and upload them here <3

Etude House Lip Masks, Innisfree Green Tea Serum, Etude House Eye-Base Eyeshadow

Coloured Raine Eyeshadow in Smores, Catrice The Nude Blossom Eyeshadow Palette, Etude House Soft Touch Lipliner #4, Tony Moly Facetone Creamy Tip Concealer W02,
 Etude House Kissable Lip Smooth Care, The Face Shop Blush OR03, Catrice Light & Shadow Contouring Blush in 020
MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

Etude House Sheet Masks
Hyaluronic Acid, Strawberry and Aloe

Innisfree it's Real Rice Sheet Masks
The Face Shop Soothing & Hydrating Sheet Masks

How to enter?
1. Follow me on my instagram account! @stylebylynn 
2. Comment and Tag 2 friends on my Instagram giveaway post!

How to increase your chances?
Repost any of the giveaway pictures above onto your PUBLIC Instagram account with the hashtag #STYLEBYLYNNGA

This giveaway will end on the 14th of July and is open internationally! Winners will be personally notified by me through Instagram DM!

If you are above 18, please get your parents consent.

Good luck! <3

Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect // Review + Swatch

Etude House has recently released a new cushion foundation in Korea, the Any Cushion All Day Perfect SPF 50+ PA++ and it will be coming to our shores on the 1st of June in all Etude House stores! Keep your eyes peeled on their social media as they are pretty active there. The cushion will retail for $32SGD, it comes with the case, the refill as well as the brand new Any Fitting Puff.

This new puff is thicker than their regular puff currently used in their cushion foundation range, and is made with elastic micro fiber that helps to allow even application on your skin. In addition, this puff helps to build more coverage with just one layer than their regular puff.

Have you ever wanted to change your cushion puff or felt embarrassed to use it in public because of how dirty the puff looks where your fingers slide in? Well apparently, Etude House has taken that into consideration and came up with a contamination proof coating that will help reduce the chances of staining the external side of your puff!

The puff was ultra pillowy and thick, which makes the application process really comfortable and easy. Using the puff gave me more coverage and is more long-lasting while the beauty blender provided a more natural look.

On to the cushion itself, it is a regular cushion filled with the foundation. It has a clean and refreshing smell, similar to the Any Cushion Cream Filter and does fade away instantaneously after applying it on to the skin. The amount of product the cushion holds is 0.49oz which is also 14g.

Now that we have the technical stuff out of the way, let's get on to the review! I've worn this cushion for 5 days straight, tested it out with different primers as well as different techniques of application. I am in the shade Sand, have oily skin and slightly enlarged pores around my nose for reference.

My favorite primer to use is the Fix & Fix Pore Primer and the Tone-Up Primer in 02 Mint (review coming up soon!), the foundation seems to blend in more seamlessly with this two primer underneath. I am in love with my beauty blender, however this time round I actually do prefer using the puff more which was surprising!

This cushion promises to provide 24 hours long-lasting makeup that gives you the perfect coverage, smooth adherence to the skin! It truly does live up to its claims, except for the 24 hours part as I believe nobody should ever wear foundation for that long. However, my foundation did last for 12 hours with one minimal touch up and that is very very impressive.

No foundation

Half face

Full face 

Makeup done!

It did cling on to some dry patches on my cheek, I spent a little more time to blend and thankfully it blended like a dream, did not appear cakey at all throughout the day. My uneven skin was transformed and looked radiant, all thanks to the Roll Spread Technology that Etude House has utilized with this new cushion.

Roll Spread Technology is a 2 step process whereby the color pigments are actually roll spread so that the pigments will be super fine and not clumpy, before mixing it with the Any Cushion All Day Perfect formula.

Nothing is ever perfect of course, one important thing to note though, if you have oily eyelids it is best to set them with powder. I tested this foundation for a day without setting it with powder and it did settled into some fine lines, nothing too serious though as it can be fixed with a bit of blending with the puff.

Will you buy this cushion when it is launched in Singapore? Let me know your thoughts!

Kylie Cosmetics & Comparison Dupe! Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color // Review + Lip Swatches on Asian Skin Tone

I've recently found out this brand through COMA Makeup, and bought 5 of them to try out! They are super affordable, retailing at only $9.90 I think it is a pretty good steal! I've tested all of these colors for at least a week, and I finally have my thoughts on them.

Jordana claims that these liquid lippies are lightweight, I beg to differ, even though they feel very comfortable on the lips after applying it, my lips feels like they are a piece of dry land after a few hours. I recommend to scrub your lips and moisturize them super well the night before!

It settles into the lines of my lips, which is something that I have come to terms with because literally all liquid lipstick that I've tried does this. In addition, they definitely do not last up to 16 Hours as it comes off pretty easily if you are eating something really oily, especially on the sides of my lips.

Unless you are not stuffing your face with food, it stays on really well throughout the day. It is transfer proof though! Also, I really love the applicator as it hugs my bottom lips, I will attach a close up so you will see what I mean. It makes it so easy for me to apply, application is a breeze!

Overall, I like this liquid lipstick. It is drying but I always change my lipstick throughout the day and apply lip balm so it is not a problem for me. I will definitely buy more, Sugarberry crumble is next on my list!

02 Strawberry Cheesecake is a bright warm pink that instantly brightens up my complexion. I love to wear this when I have no makeup other than my eyebrows on since it acts as a highlighter for my entire face. This is actually more drying that than rest of the colors. I tried to apply another layer as some came off after munching on my burger, and it look as pretty as before!

07 Tiramisu is a warm deep pinky nude, it is pretty similar to 09 Rose Macaron, just a little deeper. This is my favorite color as it goes well with any kind of makeup, the perfect MLBB color. It glides on perfectly and is not patchy!

09 Rose Macaron is a cool tone mid-berry color, and this is a perfect dupe for Kylie's Posie K. Kylie's definitely more moisturizing and more comfortable to wear compared to Rose Macaron, however if you are in the market for an affordable alternative, Rose Macaron is pretty good too. This is not patchy at all, I get an even beautiful application with just one swipe.

Rosie K on top, Rose Macaron on the bottom

11 Red Velvet Cake is a beautiful burgundy wine color, my second favorite kind of red to wear! It applies a little patchy though, but nothing too crazy that is is obvious from afar. It is difficult to layer on, so I strongly suggest using a coat each for the top and bottom to prevent from applying another layer.

Mary Jo K on top, Red Velvet Cake on the bottom

22 Cinnamon Toast is a deep cool tone brown. It is definitely not a every day color if you have fair skin, however I actually tried this on my boyfriend who is much darker than me, and it looks amazing on him! A very pretty natural lippie option if you darker skin tone. This is applies just as good as the pink one, although it may get patchy if you put on too much.

I hope this swatch post is useful for anyone who is interested in Jordana’s liquid lippie! Thank you for reading :)


Etude House Wonder Fun Park Eyeshadow Palettes // Review + Swatches

Etude House limited release are always so aesthetically pleasing! When I first saw the promotional pictures for the Wonder Fun Park products, I was super excited to buy literally everything. The eyeshadow palettes caught my eye and I made sure to get my hands on both.

There are 2 palettes, one for the day and another for the night. My favorite palette is surprisingly the night palette (#2), the beautiful holographic glitter shadows are not what I would typically go for, but I would totally wear it on a girls night out!

Here is a little tip, the glitter shadows do not swatch well, however if you use a synthetic brush and spritz a little Mac Fix Plus, they will look so much more vibrant on your eyelid. It also helps to minimize the glitter fall outs.

The mattes are buttery soft as usual, which is not a surprise to me. Their mattes never disappoints! The base shadows, are very close to my skin color hence they do not seem to be very pigmented.

The day palette is also pretty good as well (just look at the black), the only disappointing shade will be the soft pink on the second row. I expected it to be a beautiful sheen of pink, texture wise similar to the blue beside it, however it has no pigmentation at all. I was really keen on creating a soft feminine look using the pink as the focus color on my eyelid, so what I did was to mix the pink and the more salmon-y color.

If you were to ask me which palette to get, I will strongly recommend getting both. You will be getting different textures, and thus be able to create more dimensional looks! Glitter is so fun to use at night, but do not let my words restrict you if you love glitter in the day as well.

Packaging wise, the eye shadow pans are a little loose, similar to the Pink Skull collection. Just press the shadow back and it should be fine. I really love how compact the palettes are, it is so convenient to bring them along when I travel.

They also released 5 shades of the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in this collection. I only got one color as I have too many lipsticks, and the other colors didn't really appeal to me. RD318 in Chiffon is a beautiful warm red pink. It brightens up my face and makes my complexion looks so much nicer without any foundation.

The Chiffon formula is actually my favorite lipstick formula from Etude House. It stays on pretty well, however it is not transfer proof. The smell reminds me of berries, it is not overpowering and it goes away almost instantaneously after applying it. If you see them in stores, I recommend you to snag it up!

I did not get the blush and the highlighter because it did not look promising based on the brush swatch I did in stores.. These products are actually on 50% discount right now, which is why I decided to post this review despite it being released so long ago. Hopefully this post has helped some of you out.

Thank you for reading as always, please leave me a comment telling me your favorite Wonder Fun Park product if you have tried any!

Etude House Lip Rich Vivid Tint - Review & Lip swatches

Hello lovelies, today I am back with an Etude House Lip Rich Vivid Tint review! These are the lip tints that won me a ticket to see Krystal at the flagship store in Singapore. I was super excited and if you follow me on Instagram, you would've seen some videos and pictures posted on my stories.

This product claims to be 'highly moisturizing,' and is a 'nourishing tint in creamy viscous texture like cream covers the dry lips vividly and comfortably with high coloring pigment as it softly melts on the lips.' It retails for $20.90 for 6g of product at Etude House stores! 

I love the packaging! I am able to look at the color from the top, it is pretty accurate so it saves me the trouble from having to open it to check. Also, I can easily slide the lipstick into any bags that I have, which makes it super convenient. The silver packaging makes it pretty hard to take a flatlay though, it reflects too much light. 

I absolutely love the wand, it makes it such a breeze to apply it onto my lips precisely. The tip helps me to perfectly shape my cupid's bow, super fuss free! Application is so easy, and this makes me love this product even more. 

It stays on my lips pretty well, it doesn't move around and neither does it move around easily. After several drinks and a fish & chips, the color did fade a little, leaving a very pretty tint. However, it does not dry down to a matte finish, it is not transfer proof!

Etude claims that this tint is super moisturizing. I have super dry lips and this does not dry out my lips at all! I have nothing but praise for this amazing tint.
PK002, PK003, RD303 & PP501

Lip swatches are also in the same order as the above picture! Please kindly excuse my messy room and my no make-up face. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you found the lip swatches helpful! 


ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette // Review + Swatches + Full Face Makeup

 I've heard so many people talking about how underrated ZOEVA palettes is! So after lusting over them for about a month, I finally decided to buy them at ION Sephora. This palette retails for $39, and is one of the more affordable palettes available in Sephora.

The packaging is made out of cardboard and it is really sleek. In addition, it comes with no mirror but it is not a concern for me because I tend not to use mirrors provided in palettes.

Here is a close up of the color selection for this palette. All of the colors are of warm under-tones, which is my absolute favorite kind of eyeshadow.  There are 4 mattes and the rest are shimmer or metallic.

From the swatches, the white matte shade (Bitter Start), seems like it is not pigmented at all. However, it does show up over a primer on my eye when I use it to set my primer down. The next shade, Sweeter End is a really soft lilac with gold sheen is the only highlight shade in this palette, which is quite disappointing because I really like a strong highlight included in my palette.

My favorite shades has to be Warm Notes and Pure Ganache. These are the eye catching shades that I really like to pop it on my eyelids to intensify my eye makeup. I also like to smoke out my outer corner with Infusion, it is a black shadow with gold glitter that really resembles Midnight from Kathleen x Colourpop Collection.

The longevity of these shadows are good, they lasted for around 6 to 7 hours before slightly fading away on my oily eyelids. The primer I used was the Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Primer. They all blended so beautifully, I was really impressed!

This palette definitely entice me to try the Caramel Melange palette as well as the Rose Gold palette!

Here is an attempt of trying to take my full face makeup of the day LOL. Please don't mind my messy bed, I do not have a setup sadly.

Leave me a comment down below telling me your favorite ZOEVA products and I will check them out! Thank you for hanging out with me today. I hope this post was somewhat helpful.


Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation // Review + Swatches

This retails for $34 and it contains 14g of product. You can purchase it at various Innisfree stores or from their global Innisfree website. I have combination skin and is in the shade N23 True Beige for shade reference.

Innisfree claims that this foundation is:  
1. SWEAT PROOF strong against sweat and sebum: Clinical test on sweat proof effect completed
2. 12-hour lasting makeup : Clinical test on 12-hour color-lasting effect completed
3. Powerful UV protection with SPF 50+ and PA+++ protects the skin from the Sun 
Untrue to its 12 hours claim, it only lasted around 6 hours on my skin before I had to touch up. In addition, it will settle into my smile lines and crease on my under-eye if I do not bake both areas with loose powder.

Although it did not live up to the long wearing claim, it definitely did control my sebum from seeping through the face makeup through the day. This product is definitely approved if you are someone who wants a natural coverage foundation that is also fuss free and able to provide oil control. 

This cushion foundation has SPF50++ which is great as a protection against the harmful sun rays, nevertheless this cushion will not be suitable for night time events as there will be flashbacks.

The coverage with just one layer is quite light, you can definitely build it up for more coverage by applying more layers. I normally do two layers and it gives me medium coverage. If you have large pores like I do, I strongly recommend using a pore primer as this foundation will enlarge your pores if you do not layer on a primer underneath!

Leave me a comment down below if you have other recommendations for me to try! I am on a hunt for a new cushion foundation. Thank you for reading and I hope this post has been useful!


Essence Blogger's Beauty Secrets // Review + Swatches

Essence has brought out a brand new collection this month and it is one that I've been waiting for, the Blogger's Beauty Secrets palettes! I bought 2 palettes that caught my eye, the first one being The Glow Must Go On and the second one being Shape & Shadow. They are priced at $9.50 each and are available for purchase at Guardian. I bought both palettes at ION Orchard.

The Glow Must Go On palette consists of two matte eyeshadow, one highlighter and one glowing bronzer. Sandalwood is a beautiful eyeshadow that sits well on my oily eyelids and I would put it on my outer V. It blends pretty well but it can get a bit patchy, so a transition color should be placed underneath to help it blend well. Cinnamon, however is not pigmented at all and it is a complete dud.

The Honey Glow highlighter is a beautiful warm undertone highlight that will look perfect on darker skin tone. It can be applied lightly for a natural glow from within look, or layered on for an intense look. The highlight of this palette, Glowing Bronzer is very pigmented and it lasts all day on my skin. I lightly dip my brush into the bronzer and dust it all over my forehead and on my cheeks to fake that sun-kissed look. I recommend this palette for darker skin girls as the highlighter and bronzer will look quite intense on fair skin.

The Shape & Shadow palette has 2 eyebrow powders, 1 matte eyeshadow, 1 metallic eyeshadow, 1 metallic highlight and 1 eyebrow wax. This palette is very versatile since all of the pressed powders can be used interchangeably as eyeshadow or eyebrow powders.

I mix both Hazel Grace and Audrey Highbrow to fill in the front of my brows and Brigette Brown at the end with the brush provided inside the palette. They are really easy to blend so do not worry about your brows looking unnatural! I personally prefer to set my brows using a brow gel but if you like to set yours with wax, it is included here as well.

I strongly recommend everyone to get this palette as it has colors suited for almost all skin color.

Have you tried other palettes? Leave me a comment down below!


Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette // Review + Swatches

When I read that Too Faced will be relaunching the Sweet Peach collection, I was over the moon because it was my chance to try range has finally arrived. The Sweet Peach collection was first launched March last year, and there was so much buzz around the palette that really made me want to try. So, when I finally had the chance to purchase my own palette, I bought it ASAP! I've played around with these shadows enough to have a proper verdict. So let's get on to it.

One of the appeal of this palette is the peach scent. Once I opened my palette, the scent was undeniably strong but not overpowering that it throws me off. I do not like any of my beauty products to be scented unless it is a perfume or a hand cream, so I was surprised that I really love the sweet scent the shadows give off. Weirdly enough, I think of strawberries and the beach (ps, it smells nothing like it). 

I do not own the palette released from the first launch, so I cannot give any comparisons but I am sure there are a ton up on the internet! The palettes are filled with mostly warmer undertone shadows, with the exception of Talk Derby To Me. My favourite shade would have to be Caramelized, it is a metallic bronze shadow with a warm undertone. In addition, my perfect go-to shade for the crease is Puree mixed with a tiny bit of Summer Yum.

All of the shades were pretty pigmented, however some were quite powdery and a little patchy. Some of the slightly problematic shades are Bless Her Heart (not pigmented enough), Delectable (not pigmented enough, very chalky, difficult to blend), Georgia (not pigmented enough, difficult to build the intensity) and Talk Derby To Me (the sparkles do not translate well on to my eyelids). I've also tried and tested all shadows without a primer, and I think the shadows perform and also last longer with a primer. 

I have oily eye lids and these shadows lasted around 6 to 7 hours with a primer underneath, in my opinion it is pretty impressive. The longevity of these shadows are definitely comparable to Tarte's Tartelette in Bloom as well as Etude House's Personal Color Palettes. 

I will recommend this palette to anyone who wants more variety of color in their palettes, yet also able to create a really warm natural day-to-day eye look too. 

Thank you so much for reading and please leave me a comment about your views on this palette! 


Movie + Tacos date // Personal

Hello lovelies! Just yesterday, I watched Logan with my boyfriend at it did not disappoint! The concept is a refreshing change from the other X-Men movies, I highly recommend it if you are in for uncensored bloody scenes.

Fashion Inspiration // Rambles

One of my biggest fashion inspiration is the beautiful multi-talented, Jessica Jung. I've been a fan of hers ever since I discovered k-pop in 2008. I love her style as it is always simple and elegant, yet eye-catching.

As I grow older, I tend to go for more classy, feminine and timeless pieces rather than following fashion trends. I really love off-shoulders and white frilly tops as they fit me, however I refrain from buying too much because I am still a student and would often place practicality first and that means a simple t-shirt tucked into jeans or skirts.

Colourpop Highlighter Galore // Review + Swatches

Okay maybe galore is an overstatement because in reality, I only have 3 of their super shock highlighters. Nonetheless, I still want to post swatches because they are amazing!

Essence All About Eyeshadow // Review + Swatches

Looking for a good eyeshadow palette in the drugstore, especially in Singapore can be a little tricky. I’ve tried several palettes and this is by far the best that I tried.

Currently, Essence offers 4 of their palettes in the Singapore market which includes: All About Nudes, All About Bronze, All About Roses and All About Greys. I’ve forgotten how much they retail for, but my best guess is around $7.90 to $9.90. They are extremely affordable and you definitely get the bang for the buck.